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How will you succeed?
Business/Strategic Management

Plan to succeed. Regardless of size and scope, EVERY successful business begins with this sturdy foundation for success. A good plan identifies the strengths; targets the weaknesses; maps out opportunities and sizes up the threats. An effective plan states the organizational structure and model. It details all aspects of the venture including management, personnel, design, marketing, financials and projections for growth.

Since 1997, entrepreneurs have trusted RSMMC Management Consulting to create viable business plans to launch new business ventures, facilitate the intelligent growth of existing business entities and increase realized revenues. Why? Because our tough questions prompt the right responses. Our insights and experience give you the innate ability to grasp the unique qualities of your business. We help you capitalize on what sets you apart and then put it on paper. That's your map. That's the "who, what, when, where and why" of your future.

A business plan crafted by RSMMC Management Consulting and you - there is no better formula for success.

Are you compliant & exceeding your goals of successful practice management?
EHR/EMR Selection & Implementation Consulting

The inherent benefits of implementing a beneficial and successful EHR/EMR system, in addition to the healthcare legislation mandating use, poses many challenges to any medical practice. First, and most importantly, you must choose the right vendor. Identification of the right product for your practice operation is essential to the overall success of implementation. Secondly, the effective design, support, and management of the implementation process is critical to success.

RSMMC Management Consulting offers a plethora of services to facilitate the EHR/EMR implementation process:
  • Stimulus incentive plans & meaningful use requirement updates.
  • Identification, planning, review & selection of products and services.
  • Solution implementation and front-end user support services.
  • Implementation of best practices & audit services.
  • Practice management business intelligence & data mining.
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring & update integration.

The healthcare industry is laden with examples of failed system implementations: cost overruns, inadequate and inconsistent training, lack of user buy-in, inflexible systems not aligned with the organizational requirements...and the list goes on and on. With the help of RSMMC Management Consulting, the selection and implementation of the right EHR/EMR product will positively impact your practice organization on many different levels. Our proven track record has enabled our clients to increase the overall productivity of practice sites and employees, realize increases in revenue generation through compliant coding, efficient processing & billing administration, and facilitated meaningful, real-time reporting processes to consistently track volumes markets to meet viable targets for growth.

RSMMC Management Consulting utilizes a unique multi-faceted approach to EHR/EMR implementation that addresses the entire practice environment: systems/technical and personnel-related issues simultaneously. Our forte is to connect human resources, organizational development & information systems management along with our EHR/EMR expertise to facilitate healthcare organizations to address the many challenges inherent with the implementation of best practices solutions and encouraged by government legislation and industry requirements.

RSMMC Management Consulting specializes in working with single & multi-site private practices, corporate practices, community health centers and large medical centers to facilitate intelligent system growth and practice management overall.

Is there a direct route to the marketplace?
Marketing Plan

The world is waiting for you to step through the door. All you have to do is knock. A marketing plan is the path to that door.

You will achieve your projected goals when you engage the marketplace with a phase-based, incremental marketing plan. You can depend on RSMMC Management Consulting to design a marketing plan that is tailored to the scope of your business and your personal style. We will analyze the marketplace and your competition; we will identify trends and develop marketing strategies that hit the desired target at the right time and the right place.

Marketing is key. However specialized your niche or broad your target audience, there is a blend of media, collateral materials and a message that will have the right impact, make the right impression and open the right doors.

Can you take the guess work out of progress?
Strategic Plan

A step-by-step description of the implementation, viability and growth of a business leaves no room for guess work. All operations flow within a basic schematic that is inherent in the strategic plan.

RSMMC Management Consulting can develop your strategic plan annually or, as is done more commonly, with a three-to five-year scope. As your business grows and changes, so does the strategic plan. This dynamic instrument is as valuable as it is flexible. It reflects the unique qualities of your business and your vision for success.

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