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Do you have the true picture?
Valuation Analyses

Is your business viable? Every business has a value but when RSMMC Management Consulting performs Valuation Analyses, to summarize the operational viability and stability of a business, a true picture is painted. If a business is comprised of components, each sub-component has a value correlated to the total worth of the overall business.

If your valuations are usually done as a precursor to divesting subcomponents of a business, you can depend on RSMMC Management Consulting to devise an instrument that is precise, one that will present a true measure of your company's current/existing value.

Who else will believe in you?
Proposal Development & Funding

Venture capitalists know, all too well, that there are lots of good ideas but fewer good opportunities. Capture the interest of a worthy funding source with a well written proposal developed by RSMMC Management Consulting. We have guided thousands of businesses through the funding process, securing millions of dollars in capital.

The first step is to research the proposal requirements of the prospective investor, whether it is a funding agency, a lending institution or an individual. RSMMC Management Consulting is proud of its proven track record of successful proposals, cultivating significant funding sources. In an environment where one successful proposal leads to another, that is good news

With well written proposals and professional presentations, RSMMC Management Consulting secures funding for business development from a variety of venues such as:
  • Secured Funding
  • Venture Capital
  • Grants

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